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Throughout history humans have adorned themselves and their surroundings with the beauty of nature.

Displaying flowers and painted artwork on our bodies, in our homes and places of celebration

has long been tradition and is now enjoyed as living art and entertainment.

Girl painted withbeautiful abstract body art in red, gold and black for a corporate event
Pink contemporary Floral Design with contorted branches and roses in a frame made from natural plant materials
Girl wearing Turquoise and lilac glitter face art design on one side of her face at a corporate party

Inspired by nature, creating with nature 

Headshot of a girl with purple hair

As sisters, we uniquely combine our creative skills to provide innovative floral designs,             and stunning face & body art

for your special occasions and events

Discover what we could create for you?


Headshot of a girl wearing turquoise holding pink and white flowers


Hear about our creative journey so far

Join us as we embark on this enriching journey of discovery, where creativity knows no bounds, and every moment is an opportunity to learn, grow, and share in the beauty that surrounds us.

Our love for the beauty of the natural world, along with our passions for flowers, crafts, theatre and dance,

all create a wealth of experiences which we draw on in creating bespoke designs.

Believing in the importance of environmental sustainability,

we carefully choose the materials and techniques we use in our designs.

With over 20 years award winning experience to offer, we would be delighted to guide you through

ideas and inspiration for your event, either at our design studio in Formby or in your home.

With our friendly, professional service we will be sure to fulfil your criteria,

whilst maximising your vision and working within your budget.

Girl standing on a stool creating a beautiful pedestal flower arrangement on drift wood with pink flowers

Our designs

have been featured in

Cheshire Life Magazine
 Flora Magazine
 The Flower Arranger
 Elements Magazine
 Hello Magazine

Girl in the process of face painting a young girl

Wonderful team work, highly creative and professional

      Ben Chew, Owner Megafauna

''their ability to create something extraordinary is a real treat''
                                                      Juliet Lawson

Looking for something unique?

Take a look at our fun and adorable reindeer door wreath workshops
and our award winning eco sustainable floral hearts

Evergreen door wreath in the shape of a reindeer with antlers for branches and cones for eyes and nostrils
two girls standing either side of a tall tropical flower arrangement which was their gold medal exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show
Stunning heart shaped funeral tribute with plants and flowers delicately nestling in contorted branches and entwined ivy leaves

   Chelsea Flower Show

Contact us
To see your creative ideas come to life

Girl standing next to a beautiful flower arrangement with roses and pussy willow


As a people person, I love working with our clients seeing their vision for their event come to life.

Having always had a love of flowers, following a career in HR, I decided develop my passion for flowers, taking formal qualifications, including City & Guilds and a teaching certification.

I enjoy challenging myself with competitive work with awards including a Gold & Silver medals Medal at Chelsea Flower Show and RHS Tatton, and Best in Show at Royal Cheshire Show 2022.

My favourite flower is Ranunculus and you’ll often see me wearing purple.

My first love was dance. I trained from a young age and went on to work as a professional dancer, in theatre, TV, circus and onboard cruise ships, travelling extensively.


I later trained as a make-up artist in London and I had the opportunity to work at the prestigious Glyndebourne Opera, create Special FX on Harry Potter and design face and body art at a variety of corporate events.


Moving back to the Northwest in 2013 I discovered a whole new world of floral design, and love to see my previous experience of other arts forms influencing my designs.


My favourite colour is turquoise, and I love to pay acute attention to detail

Girl in a creative studio making floral jewellery, twisting wire into decorative coils


As artists, our passion lies in sharing the boundless creativity of nature and inspiring others to discover its beauty. Through our work, we strive to create a symbiotic relationship between artistry and the natural world, inviting others to join us on this journey of exploration and appreciation.

Our commitment to lifelong learning and innovation drives us to continuously refine our craft and push the boundaries of traditional design. In our fun and informative classes and workshops, we embrace individuals of all abilities, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can unleash their creativity and discover their unique artistic voice.

With each session, we aim not only to impart technical skills but also to cultivate a deeper understanding and connection with the natural elements that surround us. Through hands-on experiences and collaborative learning, we empower our students to see the world through a new lens and find inspiration in the wonders of the natural world.

Our Story So Far.......

Both blessed with creative genes, sisters Louise and Deb, from early ages showed signs of their artistic passions, with Louise having a wonder of flowers and Deb’s first love being dance. As teenagers and young adults, they spread their wings from their roots in Liverpool exploring their respective interests

and developing a diverse set of skills.

Louise learnt the beginnings of her floral artistry and grounding techniques at Night School. From there she went on to gain her City and Guilds qualification, whilst enjoying competing and creating designs for Flower Festivals, church and friends. Louise’s professional career in HR included working in HM Prison Service and the Salvation Army, where, as a Director her roles included looking after staff at one of the world’s most famous children’s homes Strawberry Field. Louise’s journey so far with flowers has taken her from her first 5 Iris design at night school to arranging flowers for the Queen.

Deb embarked on her professional dance training at 14, boarding at a vocational dance school in Chester. At 16 she moved down to the bright lights of London to complete a 3-year Diploma Course in Russian Ballet and other dance styles. Her dance career took her around the world, performing in theatre shows, operas, circuses and onboard cruise ships. Mindful that the professional life of a dancer is not a long one, Debbie re-trained as a make-up artist, working in theatre, film, TV and events, specializing in creative body art and special FX.

In 2013 due to family circumstances, Deb moved back to the Northwest and settling in Formby, the opportunity for Louise and Debbie to combine their creative skills came about. Working with both flowers and make up they love creating innovative designs for all occasions and events.

Louise and Deb are both National Association of Flower Arrangement Society (NAFAS) Demonstrators and greatly enjoy travelling extensively with their Floral Art Demonstrations, were they present a talk on stage whilst creating a number of large floral displays based on a variety of themes.

Believing environmental sustainability to be the essential way forward for floral design, Louise and Deb always have this in mind when considering the materials and techniques they used in creating their designs.

Our Awards Include

2005 Royal Cheshire Show Runner Up To Best In Show

2009 RHS Tatton Silver Medal Cheshire Area Team Medal

2015 Southport Flower Show 1st Prize 'Terracotta'

2015 NAFAS National Show, The Winter Gardens Blackpool 3rd Prize 'A Festive Tree'

2015 RHS Tatton Gold Medal Cheshire Area Team Medal

2016 Southport Flower Show 1st Prize 'Shabby Chic'

2016 Southport Flower Show 1st Prize 'Flamenco'

2017 Southport Flower Show 1st Prize 'Flamboyance'

2018 Southport Flower Show 1st Prize 'Rags To Riches'

2018 RHS Tatton Gold Medal Cheshire Area Team Medal

2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Award 'A Tropical Dream'

2019 Royal Cheshire Show Best Innovation Award

2020 Cheshire Virtual Show Gold Award

2020 Cheshire Virtual Show Silver Gilt Award

2021 Cheshire Virtual Show Gold award 'Hold The Front Page'

2021 NAFAS Virtual National Show 2nd Prize 'A Geometric Conversation

2022 Royal Cheshire Show 1st Prize and Best In Show

2022 Southport Flower Show 2nd Prize 'Blooming Lovely'

2023 NAFAS National Show Gloucester Cathedral 3rd Prize 'Nature's Bounty'

2023 NAFAS National Show Gloucester Cathedral 3rd Prize 'Candles and Canticles'

2023 Harrogate Flower Show 2nd Prize Imposed Class

Recommended Artists and Associations in Our Network

Juliet Lawson Singer/Song Writer/Artist

Sarah Haram Face Painter/Balloon Artist/Origami Artist
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