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Flower Arranging Demonstrations

Be entertained and inspired by our floral art demonstrations

A few words to say thank you for a WOW demonstration last night! The entire meeting was full of praise for all the arrangements, tips & stories.

                                          Margaret T. Dumfries & District Flower Club

Our presentations are greatly enjoyed at corporate events, floral art societies, flower and gardening club meetings, and by all with a passion for flowers, gardening, horticulture and crafts

Joint dem_edited_edited_edited.jpg

We have a wealth of experience in creative flower arranging, face & body art and dance, gained in our years working in theatre, TV, and the corporate and entertainment industries.

This well of creativity flows into their Floral Art Demonstrations bringing a unique entertaining performance of stunning floral displays, top tips and anecdotes.

During the demonstration you will see a variety of contemporary and traditional floral designs evolve before your eyes, and at the end of the demonstration you will have the opportunity to take away one of the stunning flower arrangements to enjoy in your own home.

As qualified National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) demonstrators we have had the privilege to share our passion and skills, inspiring flower enthusiasts across the UK, Guernsey and the Isle of Mann

To view more of our demonstrations please go to our Gallery Page 

Chelsea Gold Medallists Louise and Deb take floral artistry to a higher level.  Their demonstration was imaginative, informative and original and the creations seem to appear like magic before your eyes.  Simple flower arranging this isn’t: the colour combinations and ability to create something extraordinary is a real treat for all those who love flowers.  Settle back and allow her art to inspire and entertain. 

 Juliet Lawson Singer Songwriter Artist

Our demonstrations may be tailored to your event, theme and requirements

and may also be combined a workshop

Please contact us to discuss having one of our demonstrations at your event

or sign up to our mailing list to find out where and when our next open demonstrations will be.

We would love to see you there.

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