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Find A Class For You

We run a variety of bespoke classes and workshops throughout the year.
Classes may be booked by individuals or groups and can be run at a venue near you.

We also run classes online

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Fresh Flower Crowns and Tiaras

Join us for a Summer Flower Crown workshop. Unwind and unleash your creativity as we guide you through the process of crafting a beautiful fresh floral headpiece you'll be delighted to wear. This hands on activity is perfect for team building and adds a touch of summer charm to an event or social gathering. All the materials may be provided and no prior experience is necessary. 

Contact us to enquire about a workshop for your event, club or society.

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Flower Jewellery Classes

This class may be held in person or online and is ideal for gathering a group of friends together, or for a hen night activity, with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of crafting an exquisite and versatile floral jewellery piece and accessories.  All the dry materials will be provided or posted out to you and you only have to bring along your favourite flowers from our suggestions. With expert tuition you will be clearly shown all the technics step by step to design your own flower-based jewellery, perfect for bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, bags, and more.

Contact us to book a class and release your creativity!

Floral decorated Himmeli Wreath ring

Himmeli Floral Crafts

Himmeli is a traditional Finnish craft. During this class you will learn the techniques to make interlocking geometric shapes using biodegradable straws, to  create the himmeli wreath ring structure. Once the structure is complete it may be embellished with fresh flowers and dried plant materials of various textures. The himmeli wreath ring may be displayed on a wall, door  or as a table decoration. Once you have mastered the himmeli wreath ring technique you will have the techniques and skills to create further himmeli structures. This class may be held in person or online.

Contact us to learn the himmeli craft.

Woodland Foliage Owl door wreath

Woodland Owl Workshop

Create a fun alternative door hanging in our woodland owl workshop. During the class you will learn the techniques to create a reusable base, then watch as your owl comes to life using various foliage and plant materials to develop the features of the owl.

This workshop is 3 hours duration.

Contact us to learn how to make your own owl.

Reindeer workshop www.louiseanddeb_edited.jpg

Reindeer Workshop

During this class you will create an exciting, original door hanging that will delight all who come to your door. A template will be provided which will be the base for a wire frame to hold your mix of seasonal foliage securely in place.

You will be shown how to develop and create your reindeer’s features using different textures, colours and shades of plant material. Explanation will be given on the defining characteristics of reindeers so that each participant can create their own individual character. Participants will be shown how to manipulate and secure the foliage to build up the contours of the reindeer. Natural materials will be used to create eyes, nostrils and antlers so that your reindeer is unique.

Tips will be given on how to keep your reindeer in top condition throughout the festive season.

The duration of this workshop is 5 hours.

Contact us to learn how to make one of these delightful creatures

Please contact us if you have a specific class or workshop request 

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