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Eco Sustainable Floral Tributes

We are always very keen to work as sustainably as possible in all aspects of our flower arranging. During lockdown I had the opportunity to take part in an online course, ‘Organics’ run by Gregor Lersch and Hitomi Gilliam. As the course was online it was available to florists, floral designers and flower enthusiasts across the globe, But I was the only participant based in the UK.

Over several weeks we looked at the various mechanics and techniques we use in our designing and arranging and looked at what changes we could make to be kinder to our planet, both in creating our designs and in dismantling and reusing where possible. So much was to be learnt studying with such a cross section of designers with various skills, products and plant materials available to them.

During the course we were given specific assignments to complete, which we would photograph and submit. Gregor and Hitomi were incredible generous with their time giving in depth critique and feedback on each assignment, and they would select their ‘Top 10’ and from those a winner, who would be given the opportunity speak at the Freesia Summit 2022. Freesia being an acronym for Florist Recognizing Environmental and Eco Sustainable Ideas and Applications.

One of our challenges was to create an eco-sustainable floral tribute for a funeral. We often see funeral flowers in the UK placed in a large amount of foam, single use plastic, cellophane and plastic ribbon. With so many more cremations than burials often there is simply no where for the flowers to go after the funeral. With this in mind I decided to create a design using plants rather than cut flowers.

I began using contorted hazel to make a frame. I love to make structures and working with the contortions of the branches I was able to create a heart shape. I pinned and bound the frame to make it secure and able to support the plants.

Wrapping the plants in hessian and tying with string and then nestled them into the hazel frame. It was springtime so I chose to use primulas, muscari and primrose. To link the designs, I entwined ivy trails through the contorted branches. Using plants as an alternative to flowers meant each plant could be given to a loved one to plant in their special place of remembrance. Various evergreens, perennials and flowers may be incorporated into the design.

I was thrilled to have my Eco Floral Tribute make the Top 10 in the Freesia Challenge and we continue to keep looking at new ways to be more environmentally friendly with our craft. There is so much to consider, not only the products and techniques we use, but the air miles, covered by ourselves and the flowers use, the livelihoods of the growers around the world and to always be mindful of ethics over convenience. Our late Queen wisely quoted “it is worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.”

We were delighted to have our Eco Floral Tributes featured

in Floral Magazine

.If you would like us to know which flowers or plants may be suitable to personalise our eco floral tribute please contact us us and we would be happy to guide you through the options.

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