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From A Walk In The Woods

Join us on the enchanting journey to create whimsical woodland creatures using evergreen foliage and plants materials.

It all began with a stroll in the majestic Formby woods, where inspiration struck, leading to the creation of extraordinary door decorations that have captured the hearts of many. Join us on this fascinating journey where reindeer, red squirrels, owls, and foxes come to life in the form of all-foliage wreaths. Discover the magic of crafting these unique door hangings and the joy they bring to those who behold them.

One December morning Louise and Deb embarked on a frosty morning walk, seeking inspiration for alternative Christmas door decorations. Little did they know that this walk would spark an idea that would transform into a beautiful, all-foliage animal wreath, starting with the creation of the reindeer door hanging. The story unfolds as we dive into the creative process and the joy of working with fragrant evergreen materials.

Bringing Reindeer to Life With a wire and straw frame in hand, the journey to create the reindeer wreath begins. The shaggy coat takes shape with spruce, firs, and pine, while a delightful lime spruce forms the muzzle. As the evergreen materials come together, a reindeer with character emerges, complete with doe eyes and antlers. The experience of crafting with greenery fills the creator with a deep sense of wellbeing, and the wreath adorns their front door, spreading joy to all who pass by.

Red Squirrel in Flight

Formby's famous red squirrels serve as

the muse for the next woodland

creature wreath. Louise and Deb decide to capture the essence of a squirrel in flight, with an elongated form running along a branch and a bushy tail prominently displayed. The delicate features of the squirrel's face pose a challenge, but perseverance prevails, resulting in a beautiful and lifelike creation.

Growing the Woodland Family

As interest in their creations grows,

Louise and Deb begin receiving

inquiries about workshops. With this,

the woodland family expands to include the wise owl and the sly fox. Owl-making classes become a popular choice for flower clubs, flower arranging enthusiasts, and even team-building activities. Participants craft reusable wire frames, guided by clear step-by-step demonstrations, and witness their woodland animals take shape. Each creature develops its own unique character, as students unleash their creativity.

Sustainability at Heart

Workshop Dumfries, Scotland

Workshop MAKE Liverpool

At the core of their craft, sustainability is a priority. The woodland creatures are designed to withstand outdoor conditions for several weeks, and the frames can be refilled with fresh foliage, offering longevity and the opportunity to adapt to different seasons. This commitment to sustainability has not gone unnoticed, as Evergreen Woodland Wreaths find their place in Flora Magazine and in the hearts of those who appreciate eco-friendly designs.

The journey of Evergreen Woodland Wreaths continues with enthusiasm. With workshops booked in Formby and London for 2023, the woodland creatures are set to bring joy and creativity to even more individuals. If you're eager to embark on your own crafting adventure or learn how to make an alternative door wreath, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Join us in bringing the magic of the woodland into your home with these unique and sustainable creations.

Eco Friendly Festive Door Wreaths

This Christmas we've also opened our books for a limited period, offering you the chance to purchase one of our adorable Eco Friendly Festive Wreaths. Delight all you welcome into your home this Christmas with reindeer, fox or robin door hanging.

As the foliage dries naturally over time, your wreath creature will retain it's character and take on a rustic charm. Later can give your wreath further longevity reusing the frame and refilling with fresh evergreens.

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